Adoption Information

Adopters will go through a careful screening process before being approved. This will include an Adoption Application, telephone interviews, and home visits (if so desired by KC Siamese Rescue* [see below]). If you're interested in adopting one of our meezers, please use the Online Adoption Application or visit us at one of our mobile adoption events.
We do have an adoption fee. Our adoption fees are as follows:

  • Adult Domestics - $90
  • Adult Siamese - $100
  • Adult Purebred Cats - $200
  • Kitten Purebred Cats - $225
  • All Other Kittens - $125
  • Purebred or small dogs - $200
  • All other dogs/puppies - $150
The adoption fee rarely covers all of the expenses that are required to prepare a cat or dog for adoption. Average veterinary costs (which are all included in our adoption fees) are as follows:
  • Spaying/Neutering - $65 to $150
  • Feline Leukemia/FIV testing - $40
  • Vet Examination - $25 to $40
  • Vaccines (distemper/bordetella/rabies) - $25 to $40
  • Treatment for Parisites (ie fleas/earmites/worms) - $25 
Other expenses could include pre-surgery blood work, dentals on older cats, treatment for upper respiratory infections, all types of surgeries (i.e., corrective surgery for botched declaws, broken legs, even amputations and many other medical issues). 
The importance of spaying and neutering cannot be stressed enough. There are more cats in the area than we can ever rescue and place into loving homes. We all need to do our part in controlling the overpopulation of cats and dogs. If you'd like more information on early spaying and neutering, please go to The Winn Feline Foundation.
Our policy is that all cats adopted from Kansas City Siamese Rescue WILL BE STRICTLY INDOOR CATS. Kansas City Siamese Rescue reserves the right to reclaim the cat, should the adoption not be in the best interest of the new owner and the cat.
*Potential adopters need to be in our geographical area (Kansas/Missouri), unless special arrangements are made, due to lack of transportation and the inability to do home visits. If it is an adult cat and you live out of the area, please contact us to see if we would be able to place the cat with you if you provide transportation. On occasion, we have been able to allow certain cats to travel out-of-state. It depends a lot on the cat, its needs and its personality. The decision will be made based on individual cases.