The animals in Kansas City Siamese Rescue's care need your help folks. The volume of kittens, adult cats, puppies, and adult dogs that are being turned over to our organization or that we are saving from kill shelters is overwhelming this year! As a result, our operating expenses are climbing at a rate that is extremely difficult for us to keep pace with. Our expenses include food, medical care and transportation expenses when they are pulled from shelters that are out of the area. And those are just the expenses directly related to the animals themselves.

We desperately need your help in this tough time to keep our mission moving forward. We are setting a goal of $10,000 to be raised as soon as possible to assist with spay/neuter expenses, food bills, and other various medical fees. We are asking for just $1.00 from each person choosing to support this drive, but ask that you let others know of our need so that they might donate $1.00 as well.

We have chosen to use PayPal to facilitate this fundraising drive. You can make a secure donation through PayPal by sending a payment to [email protected]. You may also donate through our Causes page on Facebook (link on the right side of this site), but the minimum donation on Causes is $10. This is out of our control, sorry. Again, we are asking only for $1 per person who donates, but if you would like to help us out with more that would be great and we and the animals would really appreciate it.

On behalf of all of the volunteers and the animals we care for, I thank you for supporting our mission and helping us continue to provide alternatives to euthanasia for shelter animals.

Shawn C. Larson
President, Kansas City Siamese Rescue