Kansas City Siamese Rescue is aa registered 501(c)(3) organization that operates primarily in the Kansas City Metropolitan area while providing support services to shelter organizations throughout the Midwestern U.S.  We are an all-volunteer foster network organization that is funded solely by generous donation from our supporters and our adoption fees.
We were founded in 1998 by Cathy Kenney and Rogena Mitchell as a breed specific organization.  Since that time, we have grown to an organization of more than 20 volunteers.  We average more than 600 rescues from kill shelters and owner releases annually and have averaged over the past 3 years a placement rate of nearly 70% annually.
We now rescue cats of many different breeds, while still focusing as much as possible on Siamese and other exotics.  We also rescue dogs now too, so don't let our name fool you.  We aren't just Siamese anymore, as we have been been lucky enough to be able to continue to expand our mission and support efforts over the years.